Best Tips For Facebook Lead Ad 2020

facebook lead ad

Find the people that want to hear from your business

Whether businesses want to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event or more information about their product, lead ads simplify the mobile signup process, helping businesses hear from people interested in their business. Grow your leads with Facebook Lead Ad!

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These forms allow marketers to capture details from customers while offering opportunities to connect, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.

More than 95% of users access Facebook via mobile, which means that a ton of scrolling through newsfeeds, watching Tasty videos, and, yes, clicking on ads happens on a smartphone.

Facebook lead ads are mobile-friendly, budget-friendly ads that can help you reach your audience and acquire more leads – even when they’re on their phones.

How Do Facebook Lead Ads Work?

Facebook Lead Ads work similarly to any other paid ads. First, you set up an ad through Facebook’s Ads Manager. You can customize targeting features, creative assets, and budget to make sure the ad reaches the right audience.

Facebook then uses the information you entered to show your ads to people that could become your potential customers.

How Lead Generation Ads Work

Facebook and Instagram lead generation ads are designed to deliver email addresses directly to your database. Unlike other ad types, lead ads include a contact form for people to fill out if they’re interested in your product or service. You can then use that information to follow up with them.

Facebook pre-populates the lead form with user information they already have. Because the ad does most of the work of filling in the data, users are more likely to complete the form, delivering you a new lead.

Why Lead Ads?

Facebook has made the process of generating leads on the platform much easier. With the new Lead Generation objective, you can ask customers and prospects for their information, and they can provide it without ever having to leave Facebook.

Here’s how lead ads work. Show your ad to users, and if they’re interested, they’ll click the call to action to bring up a form prefilled with their personal information that they’ve shared with the network. They can then review the information, edit it if needed and click Submit.

The #1 reason to use lead ads is to get to know your audience better.

With Facebook lead ads, you collect actionable information about Facebook users that helps you build custom audiences and target them better with ads.

But collecting that information isn’t always easy—getting someone to provide your company with their personal data isn’t easy—so it’s important to make the sign-up process as simple as possible.

How To Create A Facebook Lead Ad

Creating your first lead ad is easy. As with any other ad, you create them via either the Ads Manager or the Publishing Tools section of your business page.

First, sign into the Ads Manager and click Create in the top left.

facebook lead ad

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